Dr. Robb is amazing. We were in and out in 10 minutes with an exact diagnosis. No need for unnecessary scans, he simply looked in my ear to see what the issue was and took a picture to show me.

Jordan S.

I have traveled all over, from LA to New York I've never found anyone more accommodating and understanding. I switched my subscription to this office and Doctor. Highly recommended!

Sandy F.

I was in town on business for the weekend and Dr. Gardner came into the office on Sunday just to see me. In addition to being kind, he was an utmost professional. I wish I lived in Denver so I could see him for all my visits!

Drew M.

One of my hearing aid speakers went out. Other Audiologists in the Denver area wanted to charge between $200 - $300 to fix. Dr. Gardener fixed my hearing aid at no cost. Who does that these days? No one.

Aasome K.

Dr. Gardner was very well-mannered, thorough, and was able to answer any questions I had. At the end, I went to the front to pay, but found that the first hearing consultation is free! Happy girl, I am.

Annie C.

Dr. Robert Gardner is the best I've found. He took the time to understand my frustrations with my hearing aids, did the usual sound testing, recommended new aids, and tuned up my current ones. He even showed me how I could rebuild them on my own if I wanted.

Bubba G.

I went to The Hearing Clinic for hearing aid supplies. Dr. Gardner came out to help me, not only with supplies but instructed me on cleaning the device. Great customer service and a really nice guy.

Ann E.

Dr. Rob is the best, he continues to go above and beyond, offering care that any other clinic would have charged for. He listened and worked with me until I had the hearing aids that were the best for me at a very reasonable price.

Randy D.

The doctor was so thorough in explaining what was going on with me in terms that I could understand that I felt comfortable going with his suggestion. I walked out with a hearing aid set up exactly for me.

Sean F.

Dr. Gardner could not have been more kind or helpful! Low-frequency noises in my apartment were keeping me awake at night. He suggested several effective strategies to mask the noise... Talk about quality of life improvement!

Diane T.

Dr. Gardner spent time explaining what tinnitus is and it's many causes. He also told me the truth about the aids... they don't cure tinnitus but make it manageable. When it comes to your health, find a doctor like Gardner who cares.

Stef S.

So far they have provided me with friendly and great service. Ira answered all of my questions and assisted me throughout the process of selecting the right hearing aid for me within my budget.

Wendelinus B.

I am from out of town and called to see if they could fix my hearing aid. They were really booked but got me in with one part left in stock. The install works great!

Diane C.

Dr. Rob is a true professional, knowledgeable, and caring. His approach was wonderful and his support beyond expectations. After seeing you on Tuesday I have volunteered many hours without straining to hear.

Albertha M.

Best clinic ever, amazing doctors, staff and services. I recommend it to everyone!

Maythem A.

Excellent service. Timely scheduling.

David L.

Very helpful and took all the time needed to make sure I understood everything about my hearing aids. I'm very happy to have picked this place.

Mark S.

Rob is an awesome guy, who cares about you and listens to your needs. I highly recommend his services; had not had a hearing test in over 40 years… always good to know!!

Perry A.

Dr. Rob is the BEST!!!

Geri B.

My father can be especially difficult to work with due to Alzheimer's and significant hearing loss. Dr. Gardner was excellent. His prices are much better than most others. I highly recommend visiting him or his staff.

Josh W.

Dr. Rob Gardner is the best!!! He and his staff are patient and really want to help me hear better. He has changed my life. My wife loves Rob now also, because she does not have to repeat herself 20 times.

Jim F.

Alex is simply the best. She is very personable and will work with your schedule. Rob and Ira are fantastic at what they do and I highly recommend them.

Fil B

Doctor Gardner and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Everything was explained and I got a copy of the test results to take with me. I am not quite ready for hearing aids yet but when I am I will go back and get a pair.

Larry G.

Dr. Gardner is as good as it gets. Very personable and intelligent. I highly recommend The Hearing Clinic.

John M.

This is a top-notch hearing clinic providing the most advanced technology for hearing aids in the market. Brought a friend and both my parents; they are all ecstatic and have a much happier outlook on life in being able to hear properly.

Vilma S.

Dr. Gardner made me feel that my concerns were valid and would find adjustments to help me. Moving to the world of hearing aids was a bit of a challenge for me, but Dr. Gardner always made me feel comfortable.

Nina K.

If you have hearing loss and want to do something about it, go see Dr. Gardner. He is a great person and a very knowledgeable Doctor of Audiology, and will always get to the bottom of your hearing issues.

Mike S.