Our Grant Program

We Love Giving Back!

We have patients coming to see us every week who have diagnosed hearing disorders and simply cannot afford treatment. There are grant programs available through government agencies and private groups, but the restrictions on age and health status, as well as their financial limitations, often mean that many people go without hearing. We can't fix this problem for everyone, but we can fix it for some.

Once a month we will select an individual to receive a pair of hearing aids, in the style of their choosing, absolutely free. They also receive a 3-year warranty, a 12 month supply of batteries, and a lifetime of service, all at no cost. In order to get these hearing aids to the most deserving people possible, we ask for nominations.

You can nominate someone by clicking here.

We like giving back to people who give back, so if you know someone who both needs and deserves free hearing aids, please click the button below to fill out a nomination form. We will select one nominee per month, and if your loved one is not the winner, you may resubmit monthly. Thanks for helping us find the best people to receive the donation of our services!