First appointment

At The Hearing Clinic, we offer personalized hearing solutions. Solutions start with a proper understanding of the problem, which requires a thorough testing and diagnosis procedure. We want you to know just what to expect when you come to our office.

What to expect.

1. Hearing History

Every hearing evaluation begins with a history. We'll ask about noisy things you may have done, such as farming, construction work, concerts, or shooting. We'll look at your overall health and prior illness to determine if there's anything that could contribute to hearing loss or ringing in the ears. We'll find out if there have been any physical traumas or injuries to the ears or any previous surgical intervention history. Finally, we'll check to see if you've had a hearing test in the past and what those results and recommendations were.

2. Physical Ear Examination

Your hearing test will begin with a physical examination of the ear and ear canal. We will check to make sure your hearing problems aren't caused by simple wax build-up. If there's wax, we'll clean it out for you. We will also check to make sure there are no holes in the eardrum, infection, inflammation, or fluid build-up. If there is anything that needs medical intervention, we will send you to your primary care physician for treatment. If it appears that surgery is warranted, we will refer you to an ear nose and throat surgeon (ENT).

3. The Hearing Test

Once we determine that the ear canal is clear and healthy, we will assess your hearing. The hearing test is done in a sound booth to eliminate distracting outside noise. Using foam inserts, we test each ear's ability to: hear a full range of pitches, understand speech, and separate speech from background noise. Our sound booths have large windows, so you don't feel enclosed while taking this 5-10 minute test.

4. A Plain English Explanation

After the hearing test is complete, we will explain the results in a way you can understand. We will walk you through how your hearing relates to speech and how your results explain the specific difficulties you are having. You'll receive a booklet with pictures of the ear structures, an explanation of how to read a hearing test, and different treatment options. We believe the best way to make a good decision is to have the right information. We take the time to make sure you are clear about your results and treatment recommendations and answer any questions you have.

5. Hearing Aid Test Drive

If hearing aids are warranted, we will program a pair and put them on your ears so you can see what they look like, how they feel, and hear the sounds you've been missing. Many people are nervous about wearing a hearing aid or are intimidated by all the options. We take the guesswork out of the process and ensure you know exactly what you are getting before you make any decisions. The test drive is one of the most popular offerings, especially among people who have never worn a hearing aid before.