Dr. Robert Gardner

You won't find him anywhere else! Originally from Southern California, Dr. Gardner has been practicing audiology for nearly a decade, and in Colorado since 2010. He completed his doctoral studies at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, where he worked as a researcher in one of the worlds premier hearing aid research laboratories. With this strong research background and an innate love of helping people, Dr. Gardner combines warmth and expertise to ensure that his patients are happy and successful. Following a clinical residency in New Zealand, Dr. Gardner has settled happily in Colorado with his wife and three adorable children.

Dr. Gardners driving philosophy is that you know far more about your hearing needs than he does. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the auditory system and an extensive familiarity with todays hearing aid technology, but you are more than a pair of ears. Only by working together can we find the custom-tailored solution to your hearing problems that best fits your lifestyle, your communication needs, your cosmetic concerns, and your budget. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to hearing loss, and you deserve the individual attention that will bring you the most success. That individual attention is what makes Dr. Gardner different.

Dr. Robert Gardner, Owner and Audiologist