Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Posted on by The Hearing Clinic
ReSound LINX 3D

Global hearing aid innovator, ReSound pioneered bluetooth connectivity between their LiNX hearing aids and an iPhone®. You can stream your favorite music wirelessly directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids. Phone calls are hands free thanks to the high quality bluetooth technology.

And this isnt a gimmicky sales tool. The hearing aids themselves offer tremendous sound quality in a wide variety of listening environments. Whether you are outside on a windy day, enjoying dinner at your favorite restaurant, or watching TV at home, these hearing aids offer natural sounds seamlessly in natural surround sound. Conversations are clearer, even in noisy environments.

The iPhone connectivity makes it easier to connect with your everyday life. Just as we have apps to manage everything imaginable, the SmartApp from ReSound makes it easy to discreetly adjust settings in different locations, check your battery life, even locate a misplaced hearing aid.

Today several hearing aid makers offer made for iPhone hearing aids. Contact us, if you would like to test drive the ReSound LiNX² or other made for iPhone hearing aids.

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