Getting To Know These Famous People With Hearing Loss

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Famous people with hearing loss.

1. Bill Clinton Yes, the 42nd president of the United States wears hearing aids. While in office, he was diagnosed with high-frequency hearing deficiency. He had difficulty hearing during noisy events. This may be because he was in a band during his younger years and was often exposed to loud noise. Bill Clinton's willingness to embrace hearing aids at age 51 inspired others his age to get help for their hearing loss.

2. Halle Berry The Academy Award€“winning actress hasn't had an easy life. She has reported that years ago, one of her ex-boyfriends hit her so hard that she lost 80% of the hearing in one of her ears. Berry speaks about this hearing loss to take a stand against domestic violence. Fortunately, she has not let this hearing loss or her rocky past stop her from a successful acting career.

3. Rush Limbaugh In 2001, radio personality Rush Limbaugh divulged his severe hearing loss. He was diagnosed with autoimmune inner-ear disease. To treat the problem, Limbaugh got cochlear implants, devices that function like the inner ear. He could hear well enough to continue working. He even shared details about his hearing loss on his radio show to recommend that others treat their hearing loss too.

4. Jodie Foster Actress Jodie Foster has been photographed wearing a hearing aid. She told a Chicago Tribune reporter that she deals with both hearing loss and vertigo. Vertigo occurs when a fragment detaches from the cochlea and moves around the inner ear. Jodie Foster has had a prolific acting career since the age of two. Now in her 50s, Foster continues to play leading roles despite her hearing challenges.

5. Rob Lowe As a baby, actor Rob Lowe contracted mumps and lost his hearing in his right ear. He has a difficult time hearing in loud restaurants. But he says his hearing loss doesn't interrupt his life.Rob Lowe has appeared in TV shows such as The West Wing, Wayne's World, and Parks and Recreation.

6. Pete Townshend As a guitarist for The Who, Pete Townshend attended consistently loud rock concerts and practices. As a result, he now deals with hearing loss as well as tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. While he continues to play concerts, Townshend wears in-ear monitors while he performs. He has trouble hearing high frequencies, which makes studio recording difficult. Fortunately, advanced computer systems make recording possible. Townshend started a non-profit hearing advocacy group called H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers).

7. Lance Allred If you think hearing loss prevents people from playing sports, think again. Lance Allred played in the NBA even though he has 75 to 80% hearing loss and wears a hearing aid. He began playing basketball in eighth grade and eventually worked up to playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.After retiring from basketball, Allred wrote two books and is working on others. He also works as a motivational speaker and sports commentator.

No matter what you choose to do in your life, don't let hearing loss hold you back. Like these celebrities, you can achieve many things despite your hearing loss. If you do struggle with hearing, there is no shame in getting the appropriate treatment. Get hearing aids today and become part of an accomplished group of people.  If you live in or near Denver, CO, get in touch with the professionals at The Hearing Clinic today.

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